getting ready for the Redcross Christmas dinnerIt’s that time of year when the hustle and bustle begins to heighten, and the feeling of panic, fear and desperation arises within us as we search for those last minute purchases that seem to be increasingly difficult to find. It is so easy to be drawn into the Stress and distress created by the material interpretation of giving and generosity and as important as that is we should not allow it to overshadow the true meaning of the season.  Let us therefore not forget that Time, Communication, Caring , Loving, Listening and Laughter are amongst some of the most important gifts we can give to one another this Season; and remember that it is the little things that often mean the most.

On behalf of ‘The Crafty Freemason’ I would like to wish all of my customers, their families and friends a wonderful and joyous Christmas/holiday and celebration spent with those who matter to them.

As a token of appreciation The Crafty Freemason is offering a discount code 241215 for a coupon worth 10% of all purchases over the value of £20 up until 24/12/15.  Simply choose your items, add them to your basket the type in the CODE 241215 and click apply coupon the 10% discount will then be added to your basket and deducted at checkout.

Best regards Susan ‘The Crafty Freemason’

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